Cpu help!

So heres the story:

recently my computer has been randomly crashing. but suddenly today it wont even stay on for more than a few minutes. all i can really say about the crash is that it happens no matter what im doing. the keyboard and mouse cut out, the monitors freeze at the last image and all i hear is white noise from the speakers.

the only real clue i have is that the motherboard "cpu error" light is on

I can boot into the bios. but it still crashes after 1-5 minutes of being on (it sometimes crashes while im still in the bios)

ive tried: resetting the bios, switching out the graphics card.

i guess my overall question is, do you think this is a CPU issue or a motherboard issue?? or something completely different

note: this all started when the computer was turned off for a longer than normal period of time.

Asus M5a97 EVO
AMD FX-6100
GTX 660ti
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  1. When you're in the BIOS, what does it say about the CPU temp? Maybe it's shutting itself down because it's too hot. Also, is there ever a BSOD or does it just freeze? If there is no BSOD, it could very well be a faulty power supply, or perhaps your power cord has been jiggled out a little bit.
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