Will I be bottle necking my GPU?

I currently have a Sandy Bridge Intel i7-2600S 2.8GHz. I currently use an old graphics card, AMD Radeon HD 6570. I would like to upgrade to a GTX 670, more specifically this one I would like to know if my CPU will be capable of supporting this graphics card. I don't play games like Crysis, I just play MMORPG and and MOBA games such as DOTA 2. It is ok if I am not using the GPU at 100% but I would at least be able to use the GPU to like 75% of what it is capable of doing. I will be upgrading my CPU in a couple month anyways but I didn't know if it would be useless or not because my frames per second drop when I increase the graphics. I can play on medium graphics at 60 FPS but if I turn everything maxed I drop to about 20. Will this GPU increase my FPS to 60 on max or will it be bottle necked due to my CPU.

PS: I understand that it may be bottle necked but I am aiming for a drastic change in GPU performance. Help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Yes i7 can easily handle gtx 660.there will be no bottleneck.
  2. He said GTX 670.
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    Oh sorry gtx 670 will be fine.
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