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Hello, I just got a new fx 8320 today. I tried playing some battlefield 3 and it immediately shuts down my computer within about 6 minutes. I discovered that this was due to very high cpu temps. Im really confused because im using a cooler master hyper 612 (its like the 212 but twice as wide with a pwm fan) and on normal everyday internet browsing, it stays at a cool 15 celsius. When I play bf3 or run prime 95, it raises to about 75 celsius within a couple minutes and shuts down my pc. Why is that? I previously had a phenom 2 x4 955 and that didnt shut down my pc when playing bf3. Is there a way to make it so my pc wont shut down when hitting 75 celsius?


1 8gb dimm of patriot viper ram at 1600 mhz
Sapphire HD 6850
Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3
Ultra lsp 750 watt power supply
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  1. Okay. I hate to break it to you. Your problem is that the FX-8320 uses TWICE the amount of power, and air than the X4 and pretty much any Intel chip. The other thing is that the FX does not truly have 8 cores. It has two 4 core modules. Yeah. Also if you have a ATX Mini Tower case, the FX probably won't get enough air. But another thing is, the CPU cooler (I know from experience) sits really close to your RAM. Now, for the amount of gaming you are doing, your RAM is probably getting HOT. So having the cooler mounted so close to your RAM is basically canceling itself out. By the way, the 612 is really just an overpriced 212. The 612 is kind of like spending $200000 on a Ferrari, when for $60000 you can get the same speed out of a Shelby GT500. And also, you probably want to buy 2 sticks of 4 gigs of RAM, because then the RAM will cool efficiently, and won't be putting all the pressure on one stick. Now lastly. I hate to tell you this but, you kind of skimped out on your power supply. For a power supply you really need to go 80 Plus Certified. I think one of the sources of this is your PSU. But I will say your GPU is good, but your motherboard is freaking amazing. With that kind of board, you can run a Radeon HD 7970...two of them! But in all reality, I think maybe you should think about making the big switch to Intel. That's my advice.
  2. Actually you can run four Radeon HD 7970's!
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