PSU for 2x 7870

I need help deciding whether to get a higher Watt PSU or not for CrossFire 7870. I currently have a 600W X-Power Pro PSU.

All of the following items will be in my rig once I get the ordered ones in the mail.

-3570k(Going to OC to ~4.5ghz)
-MSI Z77 Big Bang MPower

-x2 (2x4gb) G.Skill Sniper 1600 1.5v(16gb/4 dimms)
-Hyper 212 EVO
-XFX Radeon HD 7870(1.1ghzOC)
-Intel 330 180gb SSD
-1TB 7200rpm HDD
-6 fans via motherboard pins
-3 fans molex

PcPartPicker states 550W for all of these items including a 2nd 7870 but excluding the fans, but I do not think this is accurate and especially not since I want to OC the CPU/GPU(s).

What do you guys think?

Thank you:)
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  1. Best answer
    550W partpicker is minimum, playing games will pull more power :)

    make sure your psu have enough cable to power on the 2 GPU, using molex adapter means the psu is not ready for them :D
    this one is my recommendation
  2. ^ sorry the xfx is currently sold out

    this one is an alternative
  3. Actually 550W probably is enough for a system with two 7870s. However the 550W PSU needs to be very high quality - which I doubt a "600W X-Power Pro PSU" is - and it needs to have four PCIe connectors (which doesn't happen that often).

    Seeing as you are going to have to buy a new PSU then 650 or 750W is a sensible wattage to go for.

    Rosewill Capstone-650 ($95 @ Newegg / $3 shipping)

    Review for other Capstones (which are exactly the same, just at different wattages):
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