AMD Processor, Built New Computer, Keeps Randomly Restarting

I just recently built a new computer and it keeps randomly has restarted almost a dozen times and have only had it for 2 days, it has restarted when I tried to change processes, when I was trying to access a drive, when playing WoW, and it even restarted when I was simply looking at my desktop and didn't have anything open. For some reason it stayed on for 8 hours straight when I was loading WoW, but it shut down randomly almost any other time. Here is my build for my computer:

APEVIA X-CRUISER2-RD Red SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-1600C9D-16GSR

AMD FX-6200 Zambezi 3.8GHz (4.1GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor FD6200FRGUBOX

MSI 760GM-P34(FX) AM3+ AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS 530W ATX12V V2.2/ EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply, New Version with Build-in LED Fan On/Off Switch

HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ 512MB GDDR3 Video Card

HDD 400GB 7200 RPM

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate

Note: I don't believe it's a heating problem because the temp hasn't got past 82 degrees, so I'm stumped, if anyone knows about issues with anything in my build that would be amazing if I could get this figured out, thanks :)
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  1. Wow, could be anything :( Bad RAM? I have no idea, but that would be the quickest and easiest thing to check (if you haven't checked yet).

    It just restarts, no freezing first, no BSOD, just winks out and back on?
  2. Nope, no blue screen, it just goes black and restarts right away
  3. I know im kind off late here, but as I don't see the thread close, I will expect the worst.

    Could be a PSU, RAM or even video issue.

    To rule out GPU: Try uninstalling the drivers and phisically removing the GPU from the build. If the issue persists, then the GPU is ruled out of the equation.
    To rule out the PSU: Try a spare similar one that you know its in optimal working condition. If the issue doesn't go away from your rig with the new PSU, its not a power related problem.
    To rule out the RAM: Try one stick at a time using memtest86 for atleast 10 passes per stick. You can read guides or watch tutorials on house to use memtest on this very forum or in the general web. If you can't/don't want to use memtest, simply phisically try one stick at a time on each motherboard slot, so if you have2 sticks and 4 MoBo slots, it would be a total of 8 tries. If the problem persists in every single one of these tries, its not the RAM.
    Finally if nothing of the above works, it seems like a Motherboard/CPU related problem. My bet would be on the motherboard, but aside tempertures and voltages, there is no way to know which one it is. I would check that those are OK, and if they are just RMA the Motherboard, if it comes back and the issue continues, the only other possible reason is the CPU.
    Hope it helps!
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