Best Mobo + RAM +Processor + GPU under 850USD (45000 INR)

Hi guys I want to build a new system which should be able to run the games which have already been released or planned to release in next 3-4 years (games like Battlefield 4 or GTA V).

Parts I already own :

2 TB Seagate HDD 7200 RPM
23" Full HD Dell Monitor (1920X1080)
Keyboard and mice

Parts I want to buy:

New Processor (Intel only)
Motherboard (pref. ASUS)
GPU (Nvidia or ATI)

Please provide me some advice for buying these new parts which remain inside my budget of USD 850 (INR 45000) and give me best possible performance.
Overcloaking is okay with me.
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  1. 3570K, 8GB of 1600MHz RAM, Asrock Extreme4 Z77 mobo, GTX 670. And, you still have some cash left over.
  2. Is this config good enough for handling battlefield 3 or GTA V (upcoming) on ultra graphics with my monitor's resolution (1920X1080).
  3. Battlefield 3 yes. GTA V don't know, not out yet... How could anyone know?!
  4. Yep I know that its not released yet but just speculation can help. As GTA IV's configuration requirement was quite heavy.
  5. Its impossible to say for sure before a game is released - BUT - it is extremely unlikely that a game will be out in the near future that the 3570/670 combo won't be able to run easily.
  6. Thanks dude. So do i need to overclock.
  7. GTA IV was requirement heavy because it was VERY unoptimized, so you needed a beast computer to run it. GTA V is published by Rockstar, same publishers as Max Payne 3. So, it should have the same requirements as MP3, probably. If so, the 670 should kill it. Though, if you can, get the 4GB version. The 4GB helps, because the game can spike over 2GB at at times.

    Also, OC'ing is not needed. Not at all. It's more of a hobby, and trying to squeeze every ounce of performance from you computer. OC'ing to 4GHz is is insanely easy.
  8. So I guess this config would be great for me. Do I need any aftermarket cooling systems.
  9. here in the US, the gtx670 runs at least 400 with shipping on top of that
    i5 3570k is 230 with free shipping. ASRock(originated from ASUS) z77 extreme 4 can be
    found for about 115 free shipping. 2x4GB DDR3 1600 ram can run for around 40 or less
    (more if the market is being that way) so that is about 785 with possible additional tax/
    shipping. doesn't leave much room in the budget for a good air cooler and there is
    little point to buying an unlocked intel k series processor if you don't plan to push it a
    ways. anandtech got the i5 2500k up to 4.4 with the stock cooler but the newer ivy
    bridge processors like the 3570/k use a low grade thermal paste between the processor
    die and the integraded heat spreader instead of the fluxless solder used in previous
    chips. this has a negative impact on thermal conductivity so that even if you got the best
    cooler out there it wouldn't do much good since the additional heat from overclocking is
    trapped inside the processor and unable to make it to that aftermarket heatsink. based
    on the stock clock the newer 3570 is a little faster than the 2500k but they overclock
    about the same and the 3570's thermals are worse. You may be able to save some
    money by going with the 2500k and a good cooler to go with but then you lose out on
    pcie 3.0 connectivity and have to settle for version 2.0 with 1/2 the bandwidth since
    16 lanes of 3.0 is about 16GB/s both directions and 2.0 is 8GB both ways. probably not
    a big deal unless you were to go to a multi gpu setup which the z77 extreme 4 supports
    for both amd crossfire and nvidia sli but at only 2x8 lanes(socket 1156/1155 CPUs only
    have 16 lanes for videocards on the die). Also some adventureous tinkers have managed
    to carefully remove ivy bridge's ihs and the paste inside, replacing it with higher quality
    paste and end up getting much improved performance from after market heatsinks to
    push ivy faster with much cooler temps. Not something I would attempt personally.
    also the gtx670 could run short on memory in a few years. An HD7950(updated with the
    new boost bios) or the 7970(non ghz ed.) may be more future proof for you.
  10. Um, with a Hyper 212+/EVO, you should get the 3570K at 4.4, which is like 4.8 for Sandy. If the 2500K is a lot cheaper, go for the 2500K. If the 3570K is a few dollars more, get the 3570K.
  11. my understanding is that there is very little clock for clock performance improvement
    going from sandy to ivy. the bulk of the improvement at stock is that ivy runs at a
    slightly higher multipler by default. if the op can get ivy to 4.4 with a hyper 212, might
    sandy be able to maybe get to 4.8 and be notably faster?
  12. They're both equal in performance. The reason for IB is native USB 3/PCIe 3, and and slightly better performance.
  13. i know ivy has pcie 3.0 while sandy is "limited" (i use that term loosely) to version 2.0
    however, usb 3.0 is a platform thing supported on a chipset or seperate motherboard
    controller chip, not the cpu. to quote wikipedia's page on ivy bridge microarchitecture:

    "Intel has released new 7-series Panther Point chipsets with integrated USB 3.0 to
    complement Ivy Bridge."

    not meant to be a dis or anything, I'm just a bit of a factoid facist is all.
  14. OK. I understand. @OP, I'd recommend it, even if you're not OC'ing. The Hyper 212 EVO is a great cooler.
  15. obsama1 said:
    OK. I understand. @OP, I'd recommend it, even if you're not OC'ing. The Hyper 212 EVO is a great cooler.

  16. Sorry guys I was down for few days because of the 3 musketeers - Cough, Cold, Fever.
    So as far I am able draw from the discussion, Ivy is better than sandy and is more latest I guess (correct me though). So how much power supply is required for my system?

    Also is there any Asus board equivalent to ASRock z77 Extreme 4?
  17. ASUS P8Z77 V LK.

    A 650 w is more than enough.
  18. Ok, just reread the thread and have some varying thoughts for your upgrades.

    "Also is there any Asus board equivalent to ASRock z77 Extreme 4?"

    not for the same rock bottom price.

    while many consider asus mobos superior to asrock in build quality, you wont
    find the same features and performance on an asus board compared to a
    similarly priced asrock model due to the asus price premium. that said, not sure
    you even need everything the z77extreme4 provides(sli/cf). the 2GB hd7870
    performs quite well on even a 2560x1600 lcd, and has no problem maxing
    out a 2.1mpixel 1080p panel(even with msaa). an hd7970 will do 3 1080p
    panels (6.2mpixel)quite well and performs similar to a gtx670 at 4.1M(for which
    both are overkill) for about the same price(both also OC well).the gtx670 might
    choke at 3x1080p w/aa tho due to smaller frame buffer & lower vram bandwidth.

    the 7950, gtx660ti and 7870 perform fairly similar to one another, usually tiered
    by price. an overclocked 7950 can do triple monitor like a stock 7970, but the
    gtx660ti is a bit of an odd duck. it has both 25% lower vram bandwidth and
    rop count compared to gtx670/680 and the radeons, yet the 2GB versions have
    the same frame buffer size as pricier gk104 GPUs and the 3GB version matches
    the frame buffer of hd7900 tahiti GPUs. a 3GB gtx660ti may be ok at 3x1080p
    without applying msaa, but it and 2GB versions may stumble even at lower
    resolutions when msaa is applied. fyi, 660ti has about 100GB/s less bandwidth
    than 7950 with less potential to fix it(660ti 144 to 168 vs 7950 240 to 288).

    Given currents console specs, leaked specs for next gen, and developer greed,
    7870 should run a few years at 1080p/ maxed w/msaa(longevity helped w/OCing).

    if you get a korean ips 27in 2560x1440p panel later on, get 7950 for aa and oc.
    this may also be ok with aa if instead u add 2 1080p panels in the future. like a
    7970 tho, this is just ok now and may not be enough performance for very long.

    personally, i think the bezels would drive me nuts with a setup like that.

    if considering 1440p without max msaa but w/fxaa instead go 660ti 2GB and oc.

    if considering 3x1080p w/o max msaa but w/fxaa go with the gtx660ti 3GB OCed.

    best price/perf. at 3x1080p w/msaa would be a 7970(non ghz ed.) overclocked
    yourself for about the same price as gtx670. of course radeons do fxaa as well.

    dont forget the catalyst 12.7 beta driver that gives a fairly healthy performance
    boost to all HD7000 series radeons based on the GCN architecture.

    a note on nvidia physx... interesting feature that may or may not be a game
    changer depending on the supported title(talking both change to gameplay
    experience and performance hit required to enable it in a way you notice the
    difference while playing). seems to me that for all the new titles available since
    introduction, # of titles where it both enhances gaming experience in a way
    you notice while playing and with good performance is kind of lackluster. this
    may be because a majority of developers dont want to alienate a large market
    of radeon gpu owners by not allowed them to have the same experience as on
    a nvidia card(this is pure speculation on my part, but kinda makes sense if you
    think about it a little). it may also be due to the additional developement time
    required to support the feature in such a way as this that wont function on
    about half the discrete cards out there. and as for " the way it's meant to be
    played"(TWIMTBP), some of those titles run better on a geforce at a given price/
    perf. point, some better on a comparable radeon, most run 'em about the same.

    if you dont attempt OCing a 28nm gpu, you are leaving performance on the table.

    even the most expensive single gpu card here shouldn't bottleneck on any
    current i5 quad(non k). multi gpu has the potential to introduce microstuttering
    into your gameplay experience and may sour any higher fps gained from the cost
    of adding another gpu. given all that maybe save cash w/i5(non k, w/intel hsf) and
    and a lesser z77 or z75/b75 mobo since u wont be changing multipliers(so no evo).

    if you really want to oc, get the ivy i5k and the 212evo. with 1 gpu on a pciex16
    slot(all lanes firing), v3.0 vs 2.0 makes no difference whatsoever. the next upgrade
    you get down the road will likely be an even faster gpu, so you might want an ivy
    i5k for that, but the next upgrade after that might be a on a new platform. 8gigs of
    a good brand 's ddr3 1600 should keep you happily gaming for some years to come.

    consider these 500w PSUs (more than plenty for now and later unless single gpu
    video cards become ridiculously power hungry, exceeding 300w tdp)

    200+ reviews, average 4/5 eggs, 34A on single 12v rail(408w) vs gs500(39A,468w) 200+

    tested to provide more than rated wattage w/low ripple @hardwaresecrets
  19. After reading your reply now I am reconsidering my decision. I think ASRock board will be better then. I have always used Asus boards, that's why I thought going with it will be a good idea. But as you are saying that ASRock is also a big player then I don't have a problem with it. But I will have to check if the company provides replacement warranty in my country.

    But I would like to go with 3570K unlocked because I think that most of games wont ask for more and 16 GB DD3 (1600Mhz) G.Skill Ripjaws will the best best suited for me. Is there any special method for installing two RAM chips onto board to get more performance? Is the stock cooler of 3570K not good enough to support oc'd temperatures? If not then I guess I would go for a Cooler Master liquid cooling system also.

    Coming to GPU I am okay with both ATI and Nvidia as far as both are under my budget and give me high performance. I think GTX 670 is new and is using using Kepler technology with 28nm chipset. I don't have any grudges if I oc it even. The ATI 7970 HD has also got great reviews from users. Both the cards perform to a great level.

    So my confusion now remains between these two cards, which one should I get to take high level performance for a longer period of time (oc is no problem)? Benchmarks will certainly help me out. What I don't want is the bottleneck situation ever.

    And for the power supply I am considering a Corsair 650W because I don't know if in future I tend to over clock my CPU and GPU then there would be an immense requirement for more power.

    So please re-list all the components again with their makes and model number and benefits. Also keep in mind that oc is no problem and must not face bottleneck situation.
  20. Dude, 16GB of RAM will NOT help in gaming. Stick with 8. Go with a Hyper 212 EVO/Noctua D14. They outperform CM?Corsair LCing. Get the 7970 GHz edition. It beats the 680 and 670, and with 12.8 drivers, it's even better.
  21. It can go up to I'd say 4GHz, but past that, use an aftermarket cooler. And again, the Hyper 212/Noctua D14 will beat pretty much any Corsair/CM LC.
  22. So guys can I get some benchmarks for GTX 670 vs ATI HD 7970 for games like BF3 or Dirt 3 or skyrim?
  23. please re-list all the components again with their makes and model number and benefits. Also keep in mind that oc is no problem and must not face bottleneck situation.
  24. The 7970GHz is superior by a little bit. It's not going to bottleneck. A bottleneck is a Pentium 4 with a 680. A 3570K with 670/7970 will not bottleneck, PERIOD.

    Like Obsama1 said, get the 3570K, ASRock Extreme4 Z77, 8GB of RAM, and an 670/7970.
  25. Do I need any extra coolers? Also which make should I get Asus ( or Saphire (
    Do I require more than 8 GB RAM in any case?
  26. The ASUS one is good. 8GB is enough to have a browser open and a game running with a few GB's unused. It's enough. Most games at max, use 2GB. 16GB is unnecessary unless you're doing computational work/video editing.

    By extra coolers, do you mean fans? I'd say get one or two. If you mean heatsink, then yes, if you're overclocking.
  27. As far as this config is considered, I think I wont need to oc it for playing games like BF3 or skyrim at max. What you say?

    But I guess I would overclock sooner or later. So I will have to get some sort of cooling system maybe liquid cooling system for my processor. Also if I oc my GPU, do you think it will require more fans than stock one's.
  28. All you have to do is get a GPU with good fans. Can you buy an ASUS directcu ii? They have amazing cooling. I searched the website you linked, and all the GPu's have reference designs. Not the best for OC'ing. Won't have to oc to play bf3 or skyrim. Don't get liquid. The h100 by corsair is beat by the noctua d14.
  29. I have that only website to buy the components and I don't seem to find the card you said. So the cards available there aren't good enough for oc'ing?
  30. That's well above my budget.
  31. The ASUS one will be fine for your needs.
  32. itspriyank said:
    Do I need any extra coolers? Also which make should I get Asus ( or Saphire (
    Do I require more than 8 GB RAM in any case?

    The only extra cooler you should purchase initially is the CPU cooler. Otherwise any fans you buy won't be of use until you get your PC up and running.

    On a gaming rig you won't use more than 8GB - the extra 8GB will just be sitting there.
  33. So should finalize this configuration:

    CPU [ ]
    GPU [ ]
    RAM []
    MOBO [ ]

    All I want is that it must give high performance. Please also suggest then extra fans or heatsink I must buy from website
  34. RAM link doesn't work.

    It's high performance alright. It will max any game at 1080p. Don't worry about it.
  35. LookS good.
  36. I hate to be the bearer of bad news ,(i really, really do) but after checking out prices for
    some of the things you want at a few different pc component suppliers in India, your
    budget of <45000 INR (actually a lot closer to 800usd right now if the exchange rate
    calculator on google is working right) is woefully inadequate to ensure you can buy a
    combination of parts you need to run games at maximum settings with playable frame
    rates on your 1080p monitor for the next 3 to 4 years. graphics card prices are the main
    culprit in your country, where the cheapest 7970 with decent custom cooling is >80% of
    your entire budget. you need to to do one or more of three things...

    1. set your sites a little lower as far as game settings on your 1080p panel.

    2. consider a different system platform (amd vs. intel) or drop to something like a
    core i3 and a mobo not designed to overclock( some say i3 ok for not bottlenecking,
    others say you need a core i5 quad).

    3. save up quite a bit more money before you get your new system

    in your original post you said you have hdd, optical, lcd and input devices and needed
    cpu, mobo, gpu, and ram. in a later post you said you need a psu and possibly a hsf
    to try OCing ur cpu if it is capable. you didn't mention if you have a case or need a
    copy of windows 7 home premium sp1 64bit. If your old computer was a prebuilt pc
    from an oem like dell, hp, gateway, etc then it shipped with an oem copy of windows
    that is forever tied to your old mobo and cannot be installed on what i am guessing
    will end up being a very different mobo. that is unless you own a retail copy of win 7
    64bit which you can reuse on another system.

    if you are using your old case, what is the form factor? will it accept
    full atx size mobos (usually have 7 rear expansion slots) or micro atx(4 expansion slots)?
    How wide is your case( need to know so we can suggest tower air coolers with low
    enough heights above cpu that will still allow you to close the side panel on your case)?

    was typing first part above and then got distracted for quite a while

    looking at your current parts list, it seems as though you are well above your initial
    budget of 45000 INR, and that list doesn't even include heatsink fan or power supply.
    Did you come to the realization that your initial budget was too low to do what you
    wanted and have since increased it?
  37. He's increased it probably.
  38. This is what I was thinking from last two to three days. All the computer components are quite costly in India. I had been contacting many distributers directly and they have agreed to give me the componenets at much lesser price than market. But still the total exceed 45000 INR by around 12000 INR.

    So what I have now thought is to delay the purchase by about 10 -15 days and save money to buy these parts.
    But all that i would be able to buy is:

    ASRock z77 mobo (10000)
    i5 3570K (14000)
    8GB RAM (3500)
    GPU ASUS 7970HD (30000)

    A total of 57500 INR.
    And I think I don't have to overclock so soon, so I would buy cooling system later on for the processor. When I had got my first system assembled I had bought Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 separately and I do own a 550W PSU.

    But I am not sure if i really do need to buy the cooling system if I don't oc?
  39. If you're not OC'ing stick with the cooler that comes with the CPU. If you are, get the Hyper 212 EVO.
  40. If I would be able to play the games released in next year maxed out without oc'ing then I won't buy a cooler. And i when i would have saved enough bucks, I would buy one later on.
    But just need that the games should run maxed without oc'ing at least for one year.
  41. Honestly, OC'ing doesn't help a lot in games unless your CPU is a bottleneck(the 3570K certainly is not). People just do it for fun or to squeeze all the performance they can from their PC. The i5 will max every game even without overclocked. It's not a necessity to play games.
  42. Thanks for your reply. Then I am sure I won't buy a cooler and certainly won't overclock my system.
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