HDCP issues in Crossfire

I used to be able to watch a blu-ray whenever I wanted to, but I popped one in tonight and got this...

I'm currently running what I think is the latest version of Catalyst, 12.4.

System specs.
Asus VW246H over a DVI-D connector.
AMD Phenom II 955 BE
Two Asus HD4870 512BK in Crossfire.

I've never had this issue until I installed my second HD4870 to run crossfire, so I know all of my hardware is HDCP compliant, is it a driver issue? How do I go about fixing this?
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  1. Surely someone else with a Crossfire setup and a blu-ray player has ran into this...
  2. I found my problem, it was the idiot behind the keyboard... Apparently both DVI connectors on the back of my Asus 4870's are NOT HDCP compliant, only the white connector is.

    Boo... :(
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