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I just build a new gaming rig, but it seems like the Asus Anti-Surge protection on my motherboard seems to be triggering at random. My PC will run fine and then suddenly reboot and display a message onscreen that says "Anti-surge protection was triggered, system was shut down to protect from unstable power supply."


Rosewill RX750 750W
8GB Ram
Windows 7 64-bit
Asus P8Z77 mobo

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Maybe your PSU is unstable and is surging? Try a different one.
  2. ASUS Anti-Surge has a reputation for being oversensitive. That being said, Roswill isn't the most respected brand either.
  3. Unfortunately this is the only PSU I've got that isn't grossly underpowered.
  4. ASUS Anti-Surge looks for over-voltage and under-voltage conditions from the power supply.

    Since the Anti-Surge is being triggered that indicates an unstable power supply unit.

    To troubleshoot the problem you need a known stable working power supply unit to swap with.
  5. Trying using a PSU without your GPU in. Would you still not have a 300-400 watt PSU?
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