Final build - questions regarding fans and overall performance.


My screen resolution is 1920*1200 and the goal with the computer, which can play most games @ high for the next 2-4 years.
I do indeed plan on overclocking, therefore please do tell if the case if bad for cooling OC'ed stuff.

I have been helped to find the proper items and i think my final build is the following:

CPU: 3570k @230$
CPU fan: CM 212+ @35$
GPU: GTX 670 @400$
Mobo: Z77 V pro @215$
RAM: Corsair veng 8gb @54$:
SSD: Crucial M4 256gb @220$
Case: Fractal Mini @100$

Case fans:
COOLER MASTER SickleFlow 120 @9$
SILVERSTONE Air Penetrator @25$
(IMPORTANT: Coolermaster is @ 13 dollar where the silverstone is 19 dollar, so not a big difference.)

Now I got a few questions:
1. Is the case fans a good choice? or should i just go cooler master only.

2. How would you place the fans?
2A. No stock fans: 2 intake @ 1 front, 1 bottom(below the case), 2 exhaust @ 1 top rear, 1 at top of the case.
2B. 3 stock fans: 3 intake(2 stock) @ 2 front(1 stock), 1 bottom(below the case), 2 exhaust(1 stock) @ 1 top rear, 1 at top of the case(1 stock).
2C. No stock fans: 1 intake @ 1 front, 1 exhaust @ 1 top rear.
What would you recommend?

3. Any overall improvements? EG. Other case, other fans, other GPU etc.

Thanks a lot :) :bounce:
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  1. No, when I'm going to upgrade the computer in 3-4 years, I really doubt it's going to worth buying an extra GPU compared to a whole new PC.

    So short answer would be: No.

    What I'm so sure about is the fan setup, any opinions on that?
  2. I don't understand your examples of the fan setup so...

    My suggestion to you is put the 140mm on the side panel. Two coolermaster sickleflow's on the rear and top slots. Put the 2 stock fans in the front panel.

    EDIT: I changed the setup.
  3. Firstly

    - CPU - Go Sandy Bridge 2500k. Many articles have covered the difficulties that consumers as well as reviewers have run into when trying to OC Ivy Bridge -- The heat seems to rise and fall rapidly, until around over 4.1GHz, where it can run up to 20C hotter than Sandy Bridge. And that is on water cooling as well. This is because Intel used thermal paste instead of a proper material when putting together a certain peace of the CPU( I forgot the name) and they have admitted themselves that Ivy runs hotter.

    Sandy 2500k is still an excellent overclocker, capable of reaching a solid 4.5GHz on air cooling, with ton of performance and stability.

    Other than that, I'd say your pretty fine.
  4. And that is when you increase the voltage. I'd keep the 3570k as 4.2 GHz = 4.5 GHz SB and you don't need to increase voltage to get there. Anything about those two OCed speeds don't help you much at all.

    Here is cheaper RAM that won't interfere with the CPU Cooler.
  5. I have indeeed read a lot about 2500k vs 3570k and since 3570k is 5 dollars cheaper in my country I can't justify buying 2500k. And yes I plan on doing 4.2ghz stock voltage OC.

    But what do u recommend on fan setup? Do you guys agree with evan20x, 2 @ front and 1@ rear n 1 @ top slot and one more @ side panel?

    I think maybe 1 front 1 bottom and same exhaust setup as Evan20x could maybe be better, but I got no clue >.<

    Cheers for the answers.
  6. You for sure want some good fans on exhaust to pull out that hot air that rises. Them cooler master fans you linked move a good amount of air so they would do just fine as your exhaust fans.

    As for the one on the bottom of the case just make sure you have filters because it being on the bottom will pickup more dust most likely.
  7. Im getting confused now though. You need a 4-pin fan to control it through the motherboard right? or.

    As far as I can read both pre-installed fans, the coolermaster and the air penetrators are all 3 pins and therefore I can't controll them through motherboard, which I'd much prefer.
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