GTX460 1GB or HD6850?

Hey guys,

I've been asking this question on a few other community boards but I still haven't reached a decision.
I'm planning a new build on a very strict budget. I already have the CPU, an E8400, also have the RAM, 4GB Corsair. But now I have to decide on a GPU...

I've had an ATi card in the past and as I remember, I never experienced any problems with it. I've also had an Nvidia card in the past, also not giving me any significant reasons to doubt the brand. Problem is, is that I've only budgeted myself £110 for the card (the lower the end price the better, will give room to spend on other areas), and want to get as much performance and reliability for the money as possible.

On the other boards I've asked, people have said that the 6850 out performs the GTX460, it shows in the benchmarks. But others are saying Nvidia's cards are way more reliable.
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  1. There are already a lot of threads posted on Tom's about this particular topic. Research those first.

    this link says that HD 6850 is slightly better. overclocking the 460 will hit the HD 6850 performance, i'd get the GTX 460 for performance.
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