Please help! 3770k Temps way too high

Ok I have had this build for 7 months and while temps weren't ideal they never were this high. I haven't done anything 50%-100% load in quite sometime so I'm hesitant to say all of a sudden, higher temps, but that's how it feels.

I was doing some stuff in Lightroom tonight and with a 50-60% load it was up to around 70-80 degrees Celsius. I ran an Intel Extreme Tuning benchmark test (100% load) for a couple minutes and the temps were 80-89 degrees celcius. The multipliers I have are 39 39 38 and 37 so everything was running at 3700mhz. I then upped them to 39 on all four and the temps went up 90-100. WAY too hot.

I have an NZXT Phantom case with six fans, and an aftermarket cooler (similar to the evo 212 but I forgot the name of it).

What could have happened? Do I need to reseat the heatsink?

The temps were from RealTemp, though Asus AI Suite reports a much lower temp (65 degrees)

Thank you!
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  1. since I don't know what you have already tried, I'll start at the top.

    are all the fans still running? are they still running at normal speed?

    including the fan(s) on the cpu cooler?

    are all the dust filters clean? (blown out with compressed air)

    have you wiped the dust off the fan blades themselves?

    also check the video card. is it running hotter than normal, venting more hot air into the case? Are its fans still running?

    psu heat and fan?

    Have you moved that case; has the airflow around the case changed?

    has the temperature of the room changed?

    Are there any new background processing that keeping the CPU usage higher than normal?

    can you feel more heat coming out of the rear or top exhaust fans?
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