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Hi, i have had this system for around a year which was built by myself it has been running perfect for the last year up until this summer and what happens is on hot days the pc refuses to turn on no post no fans spinning nothing. So i re seated everything and still nothing but it seems to work just fine on cold days? The only way i can force it to turn on is flick the switch on the wall plug and the psu. My psu is a Corsair ax750 which i really doubt could have failed within a year? Plus it seems to work fine sometimes and normal operation is perfect. Plz Help!
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  1. You may have a low voltage problem at the wall outlet, check voltage at wall outlet, see if you have 110Volts A.C. minium. Do this on a hot day. If you find out you have low voltage on a wall outlet you should investigate the cause, just a guess but is the air conditioning on the same circut?
  2. I have no air con, i also tried it on another wall plug and the same thing happens.
  3. What's your location? In what kind of an apartment do you live?
    It could be that a constant amount of power is divided between a few households. Air condition takes a lot of power and your neighbours might have air conditioning. This might reduce the amount of voltage you get in your sockets. If you have a circuit analyzer, you could check if there's a variation between hot and cold days.
  4. I live in a semi detached house and the power is not shared, is there any chance this could be a psu or motherboard issue? Other computers work just fine in the same wall plugs..
  5. do you hear the Beep sound?
    do all the LEDs of the keyboard blink a few seconds after you turn on ur PC
  6. No the computer completely fails to start up, no beeps no fans nothing. Like i said only when there is hot weather.
  7. i don't think hot weather is the cause, temperature reaches up to 47 °C where i live. most systems warning you and Beeps when it's too hot
  8. If your PSU is not even powering on, you should move it to a different outlet to see if it will turn on. If it isnt turning on at all, it could be your PSU. Also ensure your 24pin connector is properly seated in place as well as your power button etc. Some mobos have a power button on them, try to use that instead of the one on the case.
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