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So, before this thread i asked will a new GPU and a new motherboard fit in my old case. Well they didnt, and i bought new case.
I basically built a new computer but threw in the old processor and the hardrive. Now 2 times in the morning when im in internet it freezes to the desktop but i cant see the icon or the picture of my desktop wallpaper i only can see gray from the wallpaper.
I built the computer 6 days ago and it has been doing it for 5 days.
System specs :
Intel i3-2120(Will be upgrading)
Corsair CX430V2 PSU
Asus P8H77-L mobo
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm
Intel 520 120gb SSD
Fractal design define R4
AMD Radeon 7750 (I know not a good card but i dont need a better one)
So is it the fault of the PSU and i have to take it back to my local store or something else remember it does this only 2 times in the morning at the same time.
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  1. Try a different browser to see if it's the root of the freezes, and run hard drive and memory diagnostics overnight, but the problem may be driver software for the SSD or video.

    Surge protectors don't prevent lockups, except with their line filters, which not all protectors contain but all but the worst power supplies do.
  2. make sure the mb bios has the newest codes for cpu and bug fixes. with asus mb make sure under dram timing xmp profile is turned on. download hardware monitor and watch your system temps.
  3. Did you do a clean install of OS?
    Did check Device Manager for any problem with the drivers?
    Did you download and install the latest bios and drivers?
  4. Yes i did a clean install and no problems with drivers detected and i have installed the latest bios for the mobo and the GPU
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