The Best Gaming Rig for 700$ or 35,000 INR

Hi Guys,

Since Core2Duo's are phasing out and its a time for upgrade

So I am building a new gaming rig

I want a Gaming Rig to last for 2 Years

I would be buying it in 2 weeks

Is it good to go AMD Way since Latest Games are CPU Demanding (Crysis 2, BF3, GTA 4)

I am thinking to buy AMD FX 8120 and is a 8 core and comes for the price of an i5 processor

I am not an AMD fanboy nor an Intel Fanboy

I just want a good gaming rig to run games for 2 years

I want my Gaming Rig to be futureproof

The parts which are not required are MONITOR,KEYBOARD,MOUSE,SSD

I am actually from INDIA and electronics are much costlier than US,UK etc.

I want A GOOD GPU as well within my budget good enough

I want a good ATX Cabinet with a good cooling

MY Monitor's Resolution is 1366x768 and i want a WINDOWS 8 Compatible System and i dont need OS cause i already have Win7

No SLI or Crossfire but maybe in future

Thanx in Advance
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  1. That should give you high/max settings on bf3 at that res. I did come in a little under budget so that is also a plus This rig should last you about 3 years or more...
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