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is this psu any good its 70$ atm at newegg i will be using 2 7970 vapor x cf with it want something cheap under 120$ with 850w+ atm only using 1 7970 i5 oc to 4.8 and i'm using a watt meter and it shows max watt 580 when running prime 95 and furmark
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  1. No. It got a Fail at HardOCP, though it did stay inside the ATX spec (barely).

    I would recommend lower wattage but higher quality. XFX Core Edition 850W or Corsair TX850M are cheaper as well as higher quality (and modular in the latter case).
  2. If your watt meter is showing 580W, I'm guessing you also have a monitor and printer (possibly more periferals) running through it (or it's broken). This will be all you need for a CrossFireX setup: Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-750 although I could find no reviews for the 750W unit, the 650W unit is well recieved and reviewed here
    Hope it helps
  3. no its not broken i'm running a i5 2500k oc 4.8ghz 7970 with 1200v stock oc 1200/1600 asrock extreme 4 gen 3 mobo, 8gb corsair vengeance , 1t, 128gb ssd, 1 optical drive 8 fans , keyboard g110 rat 7 mouse headset wireless adapter that's about it also the i5 2500k volt is if i recall 1.34v . and also using a 650w psu CORSAIR Enthusiast Series .

    i will probably go with the corsair then Thanks.
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