CoolerMaster 212 compatibility with Antec Sonata IV case and a P8Z68

Hello Tom's Hardware community!

Here's the deal: I've got an Antec Sonata IV case , a motherboard with 2x 4gig Corsair ram mounted on the two black slots, a Zotac GTX 580 mounted on the first PCI-E slot and an intel i5-2500k processor. The PSU is a mounted on the top left corner of the case.

Now, for what I've seen there is roughly 5 mm of free space between the motherboard and that back metal plate which you can see from the photos of the case. I am not really sure if the CM 212 heatsink mounts will fit inside there, and if the whole cooler will fit in the case overall without touching the RAM or the side of the case.

Also I would love to hear your opinions on whether purchasing the CoolerMaster 212 EVO will bring my max load temps below my current 70-82 degrees C range, as well as my idle 30-33 degrees. I use this PC mainly for gaming and I am intending of overclocking the 2500k to at least 4.5GHz if the heatsink will fit and if it will significantly reduce my temps, because the stock cooler is complete garbage. I can't think of anything else to mention, but if you would like more info just ask me in this thread and I'll try to tell more.
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  1. The Evo is a decent cooler but not really a great cooler to overclock with.
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