7970 display issues, flickering and crashing

i bought a diamond 7970 the other week and have been using it as my main card in web browsing, movies, and day to day computing with out issue. When i play Eve online and load the map the system will lock up and do a one second sound loop if i have anything open on the other monitors. eve seems to run stable if its the only thing open. also while i am on the desktop with say a movie on a secondary display or a web window on all the displays i get major screen flickering. it occurs when the card down clocks itself, so long as i leave a 3D app running in teh background it does not flicker. also while playing games such as deus ex human revolution the card will down clock itself during cut scenes, this causes the scenes to skip and studder. during play of any windowed game the card will clock itself up and down so rapidly that it makes the game unplayable and eventually locks the system up. the system seems to lock when ever the card switches voltages rapidly. it will switch voltage phases 3+ times a second during windowed game play. (even full screen window mode).

i have tried editing hte CCC profile to force 2D clocks the same as 3D with no effect, i also installed MSI afterburner and set force voltage and over clocked it to no effect.

how the hell do i turn off every single power managing and gpu clock change setting on my card? i want it to run full bore and full voltage perminantly.


my 5870 eyefinity that i upgraded from also had these issues but over clocking it solved them.
i have tired all drivers 12.2 and up, im currently running 12.7 beta
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  1. So no driver 12.2 or later works for you? Weird. I've been having trouble with grey screens of death when in 2D mode since I switched to the 12.7 beta, but everything 12.4 and earlier was just fine.

    Are you sure you have clean-uninstalled your drivers before reinstalling a new version, or are you just relying on the AMD uninstaller?
  2. ive done both, amd uninstall, driver clean utilities, and manually removing all installed driver files by referencing the install log.

    i think the lock ups are steming from an issue with the hardware acceleration of programs and the eve online map. everything else i think is unrelated but steming from shitty programming on ati's part. all this power saving junk... i didnt buy a 2KW psu to be some green eco friendly computer user >.<
  3. i have the 12.6 installed now. just got done playng some BF BC2, nexuiz, deus ex revoultion and crysis 2 with out issue. its just the damn map screen on eve
  4. I would report it to AMD. If they do not know, they can not fix it.

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