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Linux: Radeon vs. Nvidia

I keep getting conflicting opinions at different forums. Which brand of graphics card gives the best results with Ubuntu-based distros? Doing a custom-build, and need to sort this out! I require graphics card that has 'full-screen mirroring' (or 'Theater-mode mirroring), and it absolutely must play nice with both Linux and XP Pro. So which brand is best?
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    Personally I have never had an issue with either. recently it was reported that Nvidia lost a huge contract based on the drivers for linux being bad.

    I believe that it was a GPGPU compute issue based on professional chips, and that either is ok.
    this would be the best place to find your answer

    Mactronix :)
  2. There must be a reason for Linus Torvalds flipping a bird at NVIDIA and telling them to f** off. I would guess that AMD has a brighter future in relation to Linux. I've had only a few problems with Radeon and Linux during the four years I've been using them (different cards and different distros). But I've never had an NVIDIA card, so my bias is obviously tainted.
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