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I need a PSU for my new PC. I've been researching and found this Seasonic 620W ATX. It's okay to put it on my PC? Or i need to buy a Corsair 700W or 750W?

Zotac GTX 680 AMP!
Asus Sabertooth Z77
I7 3770k
Corsair Vengance 16GB
Wester Digital Black 1 TB
Fans (Still not researched, someone recommends a cooler for this PC? My case is a 500R)
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  1. The seasonic 620W sounds good. you wont need anymore for that config unless youre thinking of SLI.
  2. Yes, Seasonic will be enough. You can consider XFX650 and Corsair TX650 as well (compare cable lengths).
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