EVGA overclocked GTX560 get 100C'~~

Is this normal? I had a EVGA overclocked GTX560, but when playing Dota2 (if any of you heard of it) or skyrim, it reaches 100 degree~ Did turn off some effect on dota2, but the temperature still around 100.

I was like OMG, my case is the DELL XPS 630I , and the stock fan with it.

is anyone using same card and experiencing same tem?
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  1. i don't need to have that card to know you have an air flow problem
  2. well, I thought it was the air flow problem at first, then I removed my case's whole left panel, it still goes to the 100 degree when testing with dota2 playing.
    that's why i ask .
  3. was a bit open ended there, sorry. use a can of compressed air and blow out the heat sink on the card. removing the card is best for doing that.
  4. is the video card's fan spinning up properly? it should be spinning at 100% long before it hits 100C...

    oh and try pointing a room fan at your case (with the panel off), see how much of a temperature difference it makes
  5. Getting a legitimate case might work as well.
  6. alright, Card's problem..
    Just got RMA card from EVGA today, and the temp is great. around 65ish..
    thanks for the reply btw.
  7. I have that card EVGA 560 SSE2, but never seen above 80C ... so maybe your card is damaged, or your fans are screwed, replacing the thermal paste may help too ... i got a full tower, and 5 Cooler Master 60mm, and 1 120mm blowing air from the front side of the case ... and above all that i'm from Cuba here average temp is arround 32C ...
  8. i have a 560 SSE2 gaming is very nice ... no complains ... spensive ?? i don't know i did't had to pay for it ... :)
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