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I have been having problems with my new computer for a while now. I have done a lot of diagnostics and I have figured out that my GPU is the problem. I downloaded a new driver today and ran furmark three times crashing between 30-50% each time. The max temp was 91*C. The I underclocked my card from stock mhz (822mhz and 2052mhz). I brought them down to 700mhz and 1800mhz. I ran the test once more and it was very stable this time and only got a max temp of 76*C. I have my card set to 1012 mV on MSI afterburner. My question is should I send my card back to EVGA? I have a warranty on it. How is evga's customer service? Do they make it easy to send things in? Will they send me a new card or just refurbish my current one? How long does it take? If I have to send it in I can throw in an old radeon 6450 for the time being while waiting for the 560ti.
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  1. Their RMA process is very easy, and in my case I have always received a higher tier card than the one I sent in. I sent in an 8800 GTS 512MB and got back a 9800 GTX+, and also sent in an 8600 GTS 512MB and got back a 550TI. I received both cards about a week after I sent them in (UPS).

    I'd just RMA your card, they will probably send you a refurbished 560ti back.
  2. if you registered your card on the EVGA site then going through an RMA process is painless. if not just then give them a call and they will work with you on it.
  3. what psu?
  4. You're lucky it was EVGA; they have the best customer service in the business.
  5. This is my PSU.

    A 700w PSU is easily enough to power a 560ti.
  6. that is good, now go for RMA.
  7. What do you mean no go for RMA? Do you mean on the PSU?
  8. lt_dan_zsu said:
    What do you mean no go for RMA? Do you mean on the PSU?

    i think he means now, as meaning "at this time"
  9. Oops I must have not seen the W
  10. @looniam, got me. :D
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