Another Roadblock, Out of Stock

Hey guys,

I've got everything prepared for my computer, but then when I arrived at the store, the 3570k was out of stock, and the next supply wouldn't be for a few weeks. If I can't get the 3570k, what other CPU could I get as a last resort?

The rest of my specs:

i5-3570k (now out of stock)
Antec Kuhler H20 620
Asrock z77 Extreme6
Corsair Vengeance 8gb DDR3-1600
WD Caviar Blue 1TB
Corsair HX850 80+ Gold
Old 24X DVD Drive
NZXT Phantom 410
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  1. That's a bit of a problem alright. Wouldn't panic though, you have 2 options (for the same price of an i5-3570k):

    Any Sandy- or Ivy-Bridge K-version i5 such as the 2500k or 2550k: these are really close in performance to the i5-3570k and can still be OCed.
    Or you could go for any non-K Sandy- or Ivy-Bridge i5 if you're willing to give up any OC capabilities or you don't plan on OCing.
  2. 2500k when oc'ed is almost exactly the same as a 3570k
  3. darth pravus said:
    2500k when oc'ed is almost exactly the same as a 3570k

    Yup I have my i5-2500k OCed to 4.9GHz (5GHz stable doesn't seem to be possible for my chip at any voltage *sad face*) and it achieves waaay higher scores in any benchmark than a stock i5-3570k. I think my scores were pretty similar to an i5-3570k at 4.5-4.6GHz or even higher, can't remember atm.
  4. Yeah 4.4 is a high OC for a ivy proc.

    They tend to be hitting 70-80 by that point as well.
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