Excuse me Mr., but could you help me o/c my memory

Alright, two scenarios: both with the AThlon 1.4GHz 266FSB
1) I buy an Abit KG7-RAid today, and I want 2x256mb ddr ram. what kind do I buy if I'm gonna o/c? pc2100 or pc2400? and what brand
2) I wait to buy a board w/ the KT266A chipset and I still want 2x256mb ddr. does it support pc2700? or should I still buy one of the others assuming I o/c?

K so those are the scenarios. Also when o/c the 1.4ghz athlon, whats the most you can probably get out of it? and what multiplier settings and [-peep-] should I use...yadayada
Also I don't want Sis740 or nvidia chipset recommendations...not happy with either, sis because they fail to get good manufacturers to use their chipsets with amd, i.e. the sis735 with ECS. and nvidia i am just downright skeptical about.
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  1. Firstly... i personally would wait for the new KT266A based mobo's to appear. they really use the ddr bandwidth better.

    secondly... PC2400 DDR ram is CERTIFIED to run at 150Mhz(300 DDR). good brand name PC2100 may also work exactly the same at 150mhz. or it might not. depends on the brand name. so the choice is yours.
    get quality cas2 PC2100 from a wellknown manufacturer like crucial or mushkin, or pay a little more for absolute peace of mind with PC2400.

    most current mobo's dont "support" PC2400. you will have to overclock them to get your system and ram running at 150Mhz.
    if you use quality components and ram that shouldnt be too much of a hastle. an unlocked processor also helps.

    I'll respect your comments & opinions, even if i disagree with them, Provided you display maturity.
  2. It is better just get a nForce motherboard. Abit's nForce motherboard should be availible in Octobor.
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