3 GTX 670 on Asus Rampage IV Extreme

I have 2 units of GTX 670 installed in slot 1 and 4 connected together with SLI Connector, I need to install 3rd gpu like GTX 560 which is not going to be connected with SLI connected 670.
I installed the 3rd GPU on the 8X available 3 slot and it gives the display if i remove GTX 670 from slot 1 but when I installed the 670 on 1st slot, the 3rd gpu on 8X slot went blank. Is there any possibility to define the priority of the booting GPU?
I am using this system for Davinci Resolve which needs 2 or more GPU for porcessing other than Display GPU
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  1. strange... generally, the booting GPU is the one that detects a monitor connection
  2. Any suggestions?
  3. hmm, well, here's a shot in the dark:

    step 1. go into safemode, uninstall your Nvidia drivers completely and turn off the machine
    step 2. unplug your monitors and reconnect to onboard graphics from your motherboard (just a single monitor)
    step 3. reinstall drivers
    step 4, plug your displays to your 560 (that's the one you want as display GPU right?), boot up, hopefully it works and something was just hung up in the drivers
  4. Unfortunatly asus rampage 4 doesn't have any on board graphic card
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