DVI to VGA not working?

Ok so today I finished my PC I built and when I turned on the power everything started but the monitor said no signal or something of that nature. I bought the GTX 560 SE(EVGA). Is the problem my GPU or is it the **itty adapter?
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  1. 1) check to make sure your pcie power cords are plugged firmly into your video card
    2) check to make sure your 4/8 pin cpu power cord is plugged firmly into your motherboard
  2. If the computer is working and the problem is that there is no display then the problem could well be with the DVI to VGA adapter. Many of these adapters are not compatible with certain monitors, to test this connect the monitor to the computer with the power off to the computer. If you get the message "cable disconnected" then you have this problem. Not all DVI to VGA adapters are wired the same, the ones that come with the graphics card are normally OK and the cheap ones you get from eBay, Poundland etc are missing some of the wires that some monitors require. This is a big problem and I have encountered it many times. I keep a fully wired adapter for testing purposes so I don't get fooled by this problem.
  3. So I tried with the power off and it said no signal like always. Is it the adapter?
  4. Does your card have two DVI ports? If so, try the adapter with the other one. Most GPU manufacturers only give one DVI port analog signal capabilities, and leave the other one digital only. Only a DVI port capable of taking an analog signal can use a VGA to DVI adapter.
  5. I've tried both slots. I'm going out to buy an HDMI cable to see if HDMI works. Wish me luck. If ig doesn't work it's going to the Geek Squad...
  6. Ok so the HDMI didn't work either. And looking back a few days when my mobo came in the UPS guy had dropped the package and it wasn't evened protected with those bubbles or anything. I open the Newegg box to find the anti-static bag open and hanging out of the box with the mobo wobblying around. Could that effect the way the GPU works. My mobo is an ASRock 770iCafe and the Dr.Debug on it says 00, so it's not giving me an error message but fans run. So could it be a faulty mobo or GPU?
  7. It could be either one, though I would lean towards a bad graphics card. If you can get your hands on another graphics card to test it out, or just run the system on integrated graphics (if available) try that first. If the system boots with display with a different graphics card, then the 560SE is your problem. If it still doesn't give you display with a different graphics card, then it probably is the motherboard.
  8. No onboard graphics. What does "00" mean on Dr.Debug. I've read that it says it's a bad mobo but in the manual it says "Passes control to OS Loader". I can't get my hands on a new GPU. All my friends have a laptop or a Mac.
  9. What is your power supply unit? Did you connect two six pin connectors from your power supply to the graphics card?
  10. Try another cable and see if that works. And maybe another adapter as some of them do not have enough/ the right pins in them to support graphic cards. And also check your monitor if they will support Dvi to Vga conversion as some monitors do not.
  11. Also see if you can get a display by plugging it into another screen or monitor. I am sure you have a Plasma or Wide screen laying around. No?
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