Deleted nvidia drivers monitor isnt working to fix it

I dont know what to do i was trying to fix an audio issue and screwed up big. Help plzzzzz
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  1. Alright so the monitor is just black now I take it. Plug your VGA, DVI, HDMI, or Display Port connector from your Motherboard directly to your monitor, and it should boot. If that doesn't work then you have either a problem with your Monitor (most likely) or your motherboard (display out). I'll almost guarantee it should boot up properly when connecting the motherboard output directly to your monitor.

    Before you attempt to turn the computer on, take the video card out of the pcie slot for the time being. Now turn the computer on, and it should boot. Once you are at your desktop, uninstall ANY and ALL existing nvidia software on the computer, literally EVERYTHING. After everything is uninstalled, shut down the computer (if there isn't any nvidia software installed, you can skip that step). Now, once the computer is shut down, re-install the video card, and plug the monitor into the video card, and turn the computer on. Once you are at the desktop, go to the driver support page at and download the very latest drivers for the series card you have.

    If you go to turn the computer on while connected to the video card, and it doesn't work, then you have an output problem with the video card. I'd suggest trying all the ports on the back of the card if your monitor supports them, and if that doesn't work I would look into the return policy, warranty or rma options at your disposal.

    Like I said, if the monitor doesn't turn on when you are using on-board video (motherboard port) then it's a monitor problem. If it doesn't turn on from the independent video card port, it's a video card problem.

    Also check to make sure your monitor is in the ON position (it's silly, but i've seen people think that their monitor is dead, and it isn't)

    Hope this helped, Good luck.
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