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GTX460 2WIN... worth it?


I'm looking at a new graphics card setup for my AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 4.0Ghz. I have a reliable 750W PSU and an ASUS SLI capable motherboard.

What do you think is a better deal?

1x EVGA GTX460 2WIN (dual GTX460s) - $250

1x EVGA GTX480 - $200

2x EVGA GTX460v2 - $115 each ($230 in total)

** I'm referring to the prices I've written. The stock/price in the link is not relevant to my question.

For my purposed, I'm looking only for NVIDIA cards. I would go for more powerful cards but I'm unsure whether I would be bottle necked by the processor.

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  1. What is the budget you are looking for? For $250, the 7850 is better than the 2WIN or SLI 460's. The 480 is a good price for what you get though.

    EDIT: What is reliable in terms of the power supply. Also the 2WIN is going to run hotter, and use more power. For some people that is not the right choice.

    Your 955 should not bottleneck.
  2. I would get the GTX 480 only if your willing to change the stock cooling with something like this if not it's not worth getting imo is it worth spending a total of 255 i can assure you it is the GTX 480 with proper cooling OC to a stock 580 level fairly easy it will eat a R7870 for breakfast with the right cooling but no matter what it is still a power hog so keep that in mind.
  3. Points:
    - SLI and Crossfire have micro-stutter issues. Also frame rate swings. The bottom line is that the perceived quality at 40FPS for example, can often look terrible compared to a single card at 40FPS. Stay away from multiple cards for a few years until the issue is sorted out.

    - Assuming your budget is up to $300 your best bet is an HD6000 or HD7000 series. Check the benchmarks though.

    - Newer cards tend to run cooler, quieter and have features that newer or future games can utilize more efficiently so keep that in mind.

    - If your budget permits, I recommend the GTX670. (You probably won't get the same performance as with an i5-3570K CPU, however games vary significantly in the CPU to GPU ratio. Some games likely won't be CPU limited at all whereas others may drop by as much as 40%).

    - recommend an HD6000, HD7000 series, or a GTX670
    - look at the benchmarks to determine the best value
    - older card may seem like a good value but heat, noise and features can reduce their value especially in newer games
  4. I should add to look at non-reference cards, especially for COOLING and compare the noise in benchmarks.

    The Asus Direct CU II GTX 670 is expensive, but I link the conclusion anyway as its good reading. You can also look at the benchmarks to compare other cards.

    **After MORE THOUGHT, my advice is either:
    1) get a $250 HD7850 (similar to GTX570 in performance), or
    2) get a $400 GTX670

    In either case, try to get a non-reference solution with quieter performance than the stock design.

    HD7850 benchmarks:

    (FYI, I found the GTX680 to be often 2x the FPS as the HD5870. I also played Skyrim with an HD5870 without the HD texture pack and it about 60FPS with close to max quality settings. The HD texture pack is much more demanding but didn't look significantly better so I wouldn't use it without a GTX670 or better.

    Diablo 3 is not very demanding so any card you choose is fine.

    BF3 on the other hand will max out a GTX680 if you wish, though it scales nicely so it will still look and run fine, but spend time with FRAPS showing the benchmark go get a solid 60FPS if possible.)

    I like the ADAPTIVE VSYNC feature NVidia now offers in the new drivers (Control Panel. Add manually per game.) There's no reason AMD can't do this and I suspect they will add support in future drivers for the HD6000 and upwards.
  5. NVidia stutter?
    Apparently sorted out with the current BETA drivers and later in June with the official ones:

    version 304.48 BETA
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    Don't get the 460 2win, I have one and it is both loud as heck and it overheats like nobody's business. I've had nothing but problems with it. It is powerful, no doubt, but the power is wasted since it blue screens and crashes fairly frequently. I will RMA it at some point. EVGA has excellent customer service by the way, and I would recommend them wholeheartedly. But I should have learned my lesson the first time... I had a 9800 GX2 in a previous machine that kept overheating, and I now have a 2win that overheats. My other cards (GTX 275, 560Ti, and 670 FTW) have been trouble free and are all EVGA branded. Just my 2 cents.

    P.S. Can you wait for the GTX 660/660 Ti? Might be what you are looking for price-wise.
  7. the 480 for me........... and tigerdirect has a super over clocked model for $150 the other day. might be worth a look.
  8. photonboy said:
    - SLI and Crossfire have micro-stutter issues. Also frame rate swings. The bottom line is that the perceived quality at 40FPS for example, can often look terrible compared to a single card at 40FPS. Stay away from multiple cards for a few years until the issue is sorted out.

    Hmm, close but no.

    If you system is unbalanced such that the GPU load is uneven, you'll get micro stuttering which IS horrible to look at but it's a symptom of a different problem.

    The rumor that multicard systems just sometimes stutter for no reason is starting to get to me.

    I have had 3 systems with SLI/Crossfire and all of them have microstuttered but I have ALWAYS been able to fix it. It's NOT normal SLI/CFX behaviour to microstutter.
  9. Would go with GTX 480 drivers just work plays all current games on high settings some even ultra/max has a few cons runs hot is a power hog still it's best bang for your buck at the $200.00 price point you can't do any better raw performance wise if you can afford a little bit more and would be willing to have a weaker less powerful card i would recommend you look at the non-reference 560 Ti designs, factory OC'd to 900 Mhz. Among them you will find several models that have upgrade dPCB's and beefed up VRMs. The ones w/ 7 phases or more and the special coolers have been known to top 30% overclocks over the reference card speed.

    There i is only two i would recommend

    Asus DCII Cu TOP (900Mhz - 7 phase VRM)

    Gigabyte OC (900Mhz - 7 phase VRM)

    The R7850's performance is about the same as the 560 Ti 900Mhz except the R7850 cost anywhere from $10 to $30 more than 560 Ti 900Mhz
  10. Of those, i'd go for the 480. Not sure why some of these people are advocating a card whose price is twice what you listed. I recommend the 570, and they're about at your price range. I heard a rumor that the 570s are going to be discounted soon, to clear room for the 660. Not sure if its true or not, but I like this card.
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