PC won't boot up properly.

I went on vacation last week and before I left I turned off mt PC in case of a storm. When I got home yesterday my PC wouldn't turn on. The only things that happens when I hit the power switch is the case fans, LED lights, and the fan on the graffics card come to life. The fan over the CPU did not spin and I can not even get anything to turn on my monitor.

I thought that the problem was either my PSU or my MoBo. I do not have the tools to test out a PSU so I tried re-installing my old MoBo, CPU, and ram to see if the problem persisted. It did, so i went and bought a new PSU and put that in. The problem still persists.

I have no idea where to go from here since I can not even access my BIOS.

Here my system specs.

Antec 900 case
Gigabyte z68X-ud3h-b3 MoBo
Inel i5 2500k CPU
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD7770
2 Kingston hyperX 1866 4g RAM
Antec Quattro 850w PSU
Western Digital Caviar Blue HDD

I hope that I am posting this in the right thread. I am new here so I apologize if I am asking this wrong. Let me know if you think you know the problem as I am getting frustrated.
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  1. Not sure what the problem is, but I'd start by checking to make sure all your parts & cables are firmly in place.
    Does the machine POST? (do you have a mobo speaker installed, any beeps?)
    A CMOS reset might help

    You could try removing the graphics card and booting using the CPU's internal graphics chipset, see if that changes anything
  2. sounds like you forgot to unplug the computer so it was hit by a powersurge and hurt your mobo.... test your psu with this
  3. I am on my way to work so I will have to try these out tomorrow morning. I'll update you guys when I can.
  4. Ok, all the parts are firmly in place, it does not have a mobo speaker (I am going to try to remedy that when the PC supply center opens up this morning), and the PSU is working fine. I am still at a loss here. All I can hope for is that I can find a mobo speaker then hope that it spits out a code for me to go off of.
  5. the speaker came with your mobo... they might sell them at the store
  6. The MoBo did not come with one. I dug out the box to make sure, because I would have put it in if it had. But, I got it working now. I am actually posting from the PC in question. A CMOS reset seemed to do the trick. I still have no idea what the heck happened.

    Thank you to everyone that helped me out I owe you guys one.

  7. No problem :D glad to help!
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