which is the best ?

hi guys , i had some questions related to printers . firstly i wanted to know how is the Epson stylus photo 900.
And does it print normal paper otherthan photos ?

i can afford one of the foolowing ?
epson stylus c 62
" " " c42ux
Hp deskjet 3325
" " " 3420
" " " 5550

i know the is a price difference between them but i want to know which is good among epson and hp's group .
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  1. The DJ 5550 is the best of the HPs.
  2. The 915 Epson is a really nice unit, has the slots for the digital camera too, (It comes with a 4 in 1 PCMCIA adaptor and a PCMCIA Compacy Flash adaptor too)

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  3. hp deskjet 5550 is a good image printer, but the epson has other nice features
  4. or look yourself for a good laser printer!!!!!!!!!!

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