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we have purchase a new server windows 2008,
now i want to bind ip on server, and i want connect every PC by ip so i can check rom my pc.

can u please guide me how to do this.

Thanks & Regards,
Beena Patel
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  1. Excuse me you bind an Ip Address, from a server.

    Are you saying you want to set each machine up with it`s own fixed static IP address on the network.

    Than having the server assign an Ip to each device through its Dhcp server dynamic.

    Or fixed IP`s for each machine on the network. Think you need to do some reading.

    Other than the Dhcp refreshing the IP assignments to each computer when turned on and connecting to the server in question, Dhcp will rotate Ip addresses.

    When a computer is turned off for example adding it back to the Ip pool of the Dhcp again for say another computer connecting to the network.
    It rotates them in this way so, it has free Ip addresses to give from it`s ip pool of the Dhcp server again. So how would you bind ? from a single computer ?

    Well, there are a set number of Ip addresses in a pool. 255 or so.
    Eg the server or gateway. Dhcp.
    Then any computer connecting and requesting an IP to run on the network will be given an Ip address from it for example, since it is taken, the next computer will be assigned and so on in till all 255 Ip addresses are used.

    Now that can work on a sub net address. of say

    But you can set more than one sub net address up to support another 255 IP addresses server side.

    So for example, sub net address 255.255.255. 1

    Its complex so I suggest you start reading up on networking. As clearly you have not.
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