My Case (Storm Stryker) & SSD Mounting Brackets?

I currently own a CM 690 and did not have any mounting brackets or screws for my new Samsung 840 pro (2.5" SSD).

In excitement, I quickly scotch taped the SSD to a open drive bay just so I could install Windows 8 and get it up and running.

For the long run though, I want to properly install my SSD with the mounting brackets / or something more proper.

Question: Does the Cooler Master Storm Styker come with drive bays pre-configured for 2.5" drives or should I just order some mounting brackets + screws now before my new case comes in?
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    Cooler Master Storm Styker is just a white version of the storm trooper

    my storm trooper has 4 x 2.5 bays in the bottom of the case

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