CPU without its chassis

will a cpu without a chassis be harmful in any way .
But one advantage is that i wil be able to buy any video card without havin to pay any extra bucks for chassis enlargement.
So plz tell wether it would be okay to have a cpu without a chassis.
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  1. The chassis is really there to help channel the air around the case and to help keep the dust off the board. It also helps to stop the board from being grounded or anything from falling and causing damage or shorting out the board. There are some cases out there that are really designed to help bench test a board that have open designs but I personally wouldnt leave the my system out of a case or in an open design for a long period of time.
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    Agree with Christian... also do NOT let children in your room , unless you like Electrocuted kids :(

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  3. You can definitely run your computer without a case, although I wouldn't recommend it. If you do, make sure you put it on cardboard or glass or something non-conductive. Also don't touch it or let anything else touch it.
  4. Its very annoying to do it, and it kinda puts your hard drives at risk if someone is running/jumping/moving heavy stuff. I say hold off on the card, go for case - that's what I'm doing.
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