IDE SATA converter not working

Hello, I plugged it in my older DVD drivem I tried jumpers, different SATA slots....everything. Not working.
Any suggestions?
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  1. Converters don't always work. You could try a different model, but it would be best to buy a SATA DVD drive as they are inexpensive.
  2. already tried on other pc, works fine....any help?
  3. Then the adapter isn't compatible with your motherboard.
  4. It's compatible with every SATA and SATA2 could there be a deal with motherboard itself?
  5. You have 2 systems. It works in one motherboard and it doesn't in the other one. What model are the motherboards? I'm not trying to convince you that there is an incompatibility issue, but that most likely is the case unless the SATA ports are not working on that motherboard. I presume that you've already determined that SATA drives work properly on that motherboard?
  6. I plugged the converter (sata cable) in the sata port where my old HDD was (it still is and works fine). So i guess the problem is caused by another hardware....if you don't have anything else on me...
  7. And about those types - the problem one is msi LGA1155 h61m and the other one is for amd, but i have no idea what that type is at this moment.
  8. Then the adapter isn't compatible with that motherboard. Unless there are jumpers on it that could help, there isn't much that you can do. Why would you buy an adapter for a device that costs $20 new?
  9. It's because a new drive costs much more than 20$ here in my country, plus i got the adapter already, so I just wanted to know if there's anything that could solve the problem.
    Thanks though! I appreciate it :)
  10. Hi :)

    We stopped selling those adaptors in my shops becuase of your exact problem...

    They WORK with some motherboards and NOT others, for no particular reason, apart from the fact , that they are cheap rubbish...and we could never find any expensive ones that worked properly...

    All the best Brett :)
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