Corsair cx600 doesn't powerup

Hello friends I am new in all these internal computer parts... But have asked previously whether to buy Asus d 7770 for my p5g41t-mlx and someone from here suggested my of buying the model stated above i. e corsair cx600 as I had a 450watt psu of frontech earlier. Now that I hv bought that model today, after connecting to my mobo p5g41t-mlx it doesn't even power up, the fan doesn't eveb move a milisec.... Now in India t costs much expensive about Rs 3900 so plz help me to start my computer or suggest me any idea of what to do with that psu... :'(
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  1. Connect the green wire and any black wire on your 24 pin connector and you also may have to put a load on it, you can plug in a molex fan and that should do it and if after you have done this and nothing happens it is return it time. Do all testing at your own risk! I bought a PSU tester for 12 bucks to test my PSU's but I have 5 of them so I was wanting to see the difference in tolerance between good PSU's and bad PSU's you may not deem it necessary to buy a tester but it's just a suggestion.
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