[CPU/Cooler] Core temp going above 70 in under 5 seconds. HELP!


I am brand new to building PC's (used to be a Mac guy need more speed now) I just built a Core i7 3770K rig yesterday, however I have a slight problem. Whenever I have ANY CPU load my CPU fan shoots up. I opened up Speedfan when I was in Blender and saw that at 100 CPU percent load it got up to 76C for my hottest core temp from the 36C it was idling at after about 5 seconds. I have not yet overclocked the system. Could this mean I installed my thermal paste wrong? When I originally installed it I used the line method with Arctic Silver 5. My heatsink is a Zalman.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. temps seem fine both for idling and for blender type cpu load. do an IPDT(google) run and check your cpu temps. they seem pretty good, near standard temps for an Ivy.
  2. Hit 60 on the Intel test.
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    i suspected that...i think you are pretty well set as far as temps go. nothing to worry about. A better HSF would bring the cpu temps down a bit more.

    Ivy's have a higher tj Max compared to sandy bridge so you should be okay. I prefer to keep my sandy below 75C as i run a stock heatsink and compound(which are indeed quiet capable) but easily hit 76-78C running Folding@Home at stock speed 3.1Ghz without turbo boost.
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  5. Thank you!
  6. you are welcome :)
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