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I just built a new computer and it worked great for 2 weeks no problems. But then one day i decided to do some cable management. so i unplugged everything and re routed all my cables to make it neat. i took my graphics card out and only my graphics card and set it on a rubber and wood ledge to sit while i did the cables. Then i plugged everything in exactly where they are supposed to be and was done. Just a note i wasn't wearing an anti static wrist band. So i plug everything in the back of my computer and power on. all my leds turn on. and all the lights on my motherboard turn on. But nothing on the screen came up. No pc beeps or anything. So i checked my processor and nothings burnt up. I made sure my ram was pushed down and i made sure my graphics card had power and was pushed down all the way. I put my finger on the fan for my graphics card and it wasnt spinning. but at the same time on my motherboard the cpu light was lit up indicating an issue. Any ideas of what it could be? and if i need to give anymore detail pls say so. im rlly hoping i get this solved because i couldnt find any thread that gave me good info. my components are listed below

motherboard: asus rampage extreme 4
processor: sandy bridge 3.6ghz lga 2011
power: xion 850w blue led
graphics card: nvidia geforce 670 2gb
ram: g skill ddr3 2400 16 gb quad channel

And just another note. the leds and fan turn on for my power. i rmad my graphics card but i just wanna know if t could be anything else. i have all the packaging for my ram and cpu and motherboard incase its one of those. ty
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  1. I would recommend removing the CMOS battery from the board for a few minutes and re-insert it.
  2. Does the 670 have two 6 pin connectors? Dis you make sure you got all the cables back to where they are suppose to be and did you mark the cables so you know where they went?
  3. are you SURE you plugged in the CPU auxiliary 12V cable. if you have a modular PSU are they plugged in there? RMAing the GPU was a bad move since it clearly wasn't that and the CPU error light was on.
  4. Well the fan on the gpu wasnt spinning and the power was hooked up. i even switched the ports it was hooked up into. And yeah the 12v are plugged in.
  5. right, is the CPU fan running though? i guess what I got was you turned it on and all the leds lit up and the PSU ran, but nothing else came on. and with the cpu error light on nothings gonna work. do you have another PSU you can try? I really wouldn't trust that one.
  6. no i dont. And yeah the cpu fan is spinning. does it mean i just have a bad processor? Cuz i didnt even touch it nor the cpu fan power. Just the 12v around it.
  7. modern CPUs almost never go bad. and like you said you didn't touch it. that CPU light though... if I were you I would disconnect everything from the motherboard except the power and CPU, including the memory. if you don't get the memory error beep( you do have a BIOS speaker though right?) and the CPU light is still there I'd remove and reseat the CPU and heatsink.

    you can go through this

    the last option is really pulling everything and breadboarding it outside the case

    it may come down to the CPU, motherboard, or PSU, and the only way to test those is to swap them out. if there is any way you can borrow a PSU from another rig or try you CPU in another machine those are really your only options at that point.
  8. well. i have a friend whos an expert with computers. far better then me. that can look at it in a month. hopefully i can still rma parts by then if he finds something wrong. cuz i tried everything with no luck. so i guess ill keep fiddling with it and see what i can do. but cant do anything till i get a new graphics anyway. i know theres a bad component. i just feel it cuz ive build 6 other computers and never had this problem >.>
  9. your best bet is to rma your gpu
  10. RMA will be fine, warranties are years. just wont be able to send to the seller. so no spare laying around? an old pci gpu card or something? did you try the ROG connect? might get you the post code

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  11. I did rma my gpu and waiting for a refund. im thinking about replacing it with a sapphire radeon. since i cant afford a top model of nvidia. but still. im hoping that fixes it and it probly wont because the cpu light is lit up on my motherboard. which means theres something wrong in that area.
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