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Hey everyone,

I'm having some weird problems lately at home with my internet connection. I have the following setup at home:

Internet cable connected to a modem of the provider, then it's split up to 4 rooms in the house. Each room usually has a router of its own and then it's split up there through wires/wireless to computers/ps3s.

Lately I've had my internet connection suddenly disappear on me and the network icon saying that there's no internet access. I've tried resetting the modem but that didn't help. I contacted customer support and they told me to hook up my pc directly to the wire coming out of the modem. So I did that and still there was no internet. Then they told me that from their end they could see my pc still wasn't hooked up directly to the modem, but that just isn't possible since I used the cable coming out of the hole in the floor that leads directly to the modem downstairs.

All of my roommates claim that they've had internet issues lately, while none of us have changed anything in the setup. Now one of them does get internet when he connects his pc directly to the modem, but at the same time I had nothing. When I unplugged that roommates cable I did have internet back.

So today I once again didn't have any internet, I went to another roommate and I could use his laptop to use the internet for a bit. After having used his laptop and returned to my room I saw that I suddenly did have internet again without having done anything.

The thing that strikes me as odd also is that once my internet connection is gone I'm on network 3 and when I do have internet back I'm on network 2. But I haven't touched anything in between the switch.

As far as I know every computer has obtain ip address/dns server address automatically on. There is one wireless router of a roommate that doesn't work (internet light doesn't go on), so he hooks up his laptop directly to the cable coming from the modem and he has internet access then even if I don't.

I'm not very good at networking problems, especially since I don't seem to find anything that changed during the last few years I've been living here. I don't have much hope that anyone can think of something, it's all so random to me, but I wanted to try anyway.
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  1. if I understand this right, you are connecting four routers to the modem via a switch?

    modem -> switch -> 4x routers
  2. It's modem -> 4 cables to different rooms -> 3/4 rooms have routers or switches to split it up for multiple devices (pc/ps3). But the internet problems have also occurred when there was only one router on the network.
  3. what make and model is the modem?
  4. It's a Zyxel modem with model: p-2602h-d1a.
  5. I have seen issues where a bad network card in a computer can cause wide-spread network issues. Have you noticed when a certain PC is off, that network issues go away?

    Are the routers NOT attached directly to the modem configured so their NAT and DHCP is shut off?
  6. Will look into that. Although the last couple of days we didn't have any problems, and I just heard that the latest addition to our household had disconnected his router from the network. So will see what happens when he reconnects it.
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