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I am doing a computer build for a friend, and he would like to keep the price just under 800$. The main purposes are going to be for gaming and media (mostly movies[1080p Blue Ray Rips]). Now I've got the basics worked out on pcpartpicker but I just have no idea what case I should use. The build of course could use some critiquing as well and I am relatively new to building computers, I just did my first build about a year ago. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated, especially if I could cut back cost on a non-vital component like a PSU [though I rather dish out a little more cash to get a reliable power supply]. - Randy
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  1. What kind of motherboard are purchasing?
  2. I am sorry, I forgot to post the link to the build.
    And Don't worry too much about keeping in the 800$ mark, I would say keep the case under like 130$ ish and it'd be really nice if it were a full size case.

    I've also got to ask, what is this point system that this forum uses? I'm still super new here.
  3. I have heard that the Cooler Master HAF is a great deal and I would recommend getting it as I know somebody that has one and he has no complaints with it :).
  4. Hi :)

    Forget the case, you NEED A LOT MORE GRAPHICS CARD if its going to be a gaming machine...that one is low end...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. A 650ti will do just fine, name a game that you can't run on near full settings on a 650ti? I run a 560ti in my rig, and where as it's not maxing out games at 100+ fps it still runs everything just fine. For a budget build I would say that this is a pretty fine computer. If it he had another 300$ for a graphics card I would be more than happy to suggest that he go all out and drop a hot pile of cash on a GTX 670 or 680. Those cards are damn sexy, but they run way too much money for this PC.

    By the way, Congrats on your one year here at Tom's hardware. I can't believe I haven't created an account here since now, I've been using this site for tech advice for what seems like forever.
  6. Hi :)

    Thanks for the congrats... and BF3 or Far Cry 3 :)

    All the best Brett :)
  7. So brett, any case suggestion?
  8. RandyFuson said:
    So brett, any case suggestion?

    Hi :)

    Personally all mine are the big server solid aluminum Lian Li`s , but not cheap I am afraid...

    All the best Brett :)
  9. Is this all from newegg or what ?

    Check this :

    With dual channel memory, a better card 660 gtx, the 650ti is weaker than a 560 ti, and the best case for its price(fractal design R4), also the psu is overkill, a xfx 550w is plenty(seasonic oem).
  10. I'm not sure what he's going to do in the future as far as SLI, so I want to shoot high on the PSU, plus its not terribly expensive. I know the 650ti is weaker than the 560ti but it is also considerably cheaper (though not too much better in performance, only something like 8%), I will look into the 660 in comparison, I'm not sure where the price to value is on that card. As for the case, I will look into it. Thanks for the info!
  11. Also, the case is so ugly, Now this may be a little shallow, but I believe him and I alike, are looking for an aesthetically pleasing case.
  12. The 650 ti doesn't have sli bridge, so it cannot do SLI, i recommend going with the 660 gtx.

    There's the corsair 500R :

    Or the phantom 410 :

    Also antec : /
  13. A GTX 660 is just NOT in the price range of this build, Ps: I've never even heard of Zotac before? if you are going to spend that much money on a card, might as well at least get a decent aftermarket overclocked one for another 15-20 bucks. I run Asus most of the time, they really do nice everything on their cards that I've seen dismantled. I love the look of the 500R and the 100 dollar price point. Thank you for helping with the case, as for the card I'll weigh everything together including price and benchmarks. Honestly can't see the card being worth 50 dollars more for what littler performance difference it will make.
  14. Yeah I love the card, but the money just isn't there >.< I'll see if he can swing it because it would be worth the performance difference, Thanks for all the help.
  15. Talking to the friend that I'm building it for, Sounds like we are going with the GTX 660 afterall, One last question, my brand preferences are the Overclocked Asus version or the EVGA version, What do you lean to.
  16. Get the asus :

    The evga 660 ftw is more expensive.
  17. Alright, I totally lied, one more question, what PSU wattage are we looking at for GTX 660's in SLI (you know in case he wants more power down the road)
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