I7 960 reasonable investment?

Hi I am thinking of buying the above CPU supposedly new for near £100 and I am unsure whether it is a reasonable buy given one is limited to the 1366 boards which are becoming scarce and new quite expensive. My main interests are in audio processing, and photo editting.

If I were to get the cpu I am thinking of using it in an ASUS P6T Pro Workstation. Would this be a sensible option or should I look to one of their later boards.

Any advice appreciated.

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  1. I would go with a 1155; even 1156 boards are scarce now. If you get an old 1366 cpu, I wouldn't pay more than $200 for the cpu and board together; anandtech had a combo for only $145 recently, and it sold in minutes. Newegg is almost out of 1366 boards.
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