680 Overkill for my case?

I currently have a water cooled 560 Ti that I'm trying to sell and upgrade. I mostly play BF3, which I can play on the 560 Ti with no problems, but I want to future proof just a bit more. I have a single 23" 1080p monitor that I game on, no intentions of getting a 3 monitor setup. Would a 680 be overkill? What gpu would u recommend? I tried looking at 670, but there are no full water blocks out for the card yet so thats a bit of a turn off for me...
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  1. What does the rest of your system look like? For BF3, I would not call it overkill. It would be overkill for something like Diablo 3, however.
  2. The 600 series just released, so I'm pretty sure they won't have water blocks just yet. As for the overkill part, send in your other specs.
  3. sorry forgot to post other specs:

    i5 2500K @ 4.5GHz (sandy bridge) w/Swiftech Apogee HD
    560 Ti w/ Danger Den full cover
    16GB RAM G.Skill Sniper 1600MHz
    120GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
    P67 ASRock Extreme Gen 4
    700W Raidmax PSU
    Corsair Obsidian 800D case
    Swiftech 350 MCP Pump
    Danger Den Rad-Reservoir
    2X240mm XSPC

    I was looking at frozencpu (where i got my gpu waterblocks) and I saw they had some for the 680 already, but cot damn that 680 is so much $$$
  4. What I would do is keep the 560Ti until water blocks become a bit cheaper. I'm sure you can still run everything fine with the 560Ti. Also if you wanted to, you could still get a 680, your system will be fine. It won't be overkill for BF3.
  5. Here is a video on how to install a water block on a 680 if you need it.
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