DIABLOTEK Cyclops vs NZXT Zero 2 Can't Decide

I'm a first time builder and can't decide which case I really one. I'm someone who is big on looks as well as functionality so I'm having a tough time deciding... Anyone wanna help?

DIABLOTEK Cyclops - To me has a little more look to it AND is water cooling ready which I like for a mid tower. I'll prob never need a full tower so is water cooling really needed then?

NZXT Zero 2 - To me has this cool futuristic look to it and can have up to like 6 fans I believe. IT'S HUGE! Weighs like 22lbs and I can light it up once I get the extra fans, but is it an overkill cos it's a huge mid tower?

So if anyone has any knowledge or feedback on either of these cases or brands from experience, I'd love to hear about it. They're both about $80 from tigerdirect.com

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  1. The NZXT is the better one out of the two, mostly in the brand name.
  2. thanks! i appreciate it
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