Dual Xeon l5420 vs i7 3930k

Recently, I've been looking in purchasing a very cheap server for some media encoding and for hosting game server.

In terms of just raw CPU horsepower, how do these two configurations compare? I'm assuming that the 3930k will perform marginally better while at stock, and even better while overclocked, but seeing that I can purchase a complete dual L5420 server for $200-$400... It is an enticing offer.

Also, does anyone know if it's feasible to overclock these Xeons? Running them both at 3GHz would be rather nice!

Thanks for your opinion!
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  1. You do realize the 3930k is nearly $600, right? According to this benchmark, the 3930k should perform nearly twice as well as dual L5420s. If you do go for the older xeons, I would definitely avoid trying to overclock them. They weren't built for that.
  2. Those are basically first gen i5's in server clothing. Just a single 3770 is going to be as good or better than two of those chips put together.
  3. And generally Xeon motherboards are more expensive than consumer ones, especially if the Xeon MBs are the dual socket types.
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