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d101ggc motherboard core 2 duo processor 4gb ram 480W power supply nvidia geforce 8600 gts grahics card but i want to change it i want something that is good for gaming
will geforce 9600 GT work on my computer?
and can today's graphics card like geforce 550ti work on it?

If power is a problem i can buy new power i just want a good gaming graphics card

casing of my pc is
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  1. hey what brand psu are you using?
    what do you use GFX CARD for?
    what is your budget
    answer these questions first!
  2. PSU:
    i use it for mainly gaming
    120-130 dollars
  3. i was interested in 550 ti as it fits my budget and i heard its very good with gaming too but i need good suggestions as i dont know if it fits or will it work properly etc. i cannot change my specs i can only change my graphics card and power supply so i want the most of it
  4. that isnt a very good psu with just 16a on the 12v rail
    to run agtx 55ti youll need abetter su
    also how many ghz your core 2 duo has (model?)
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