Computer freezes with grayscreen and sound looping

So basically what happens, as follows:

After using the computer for a certain amount of time, depending on applications running, the frame would eventually freeze, sound would begin to loop, and then the screen goes gray (sometimes with a brown hue to it, can't tell, definitely not black/off).
This happens a Lot faster when using 3D applications/games (within 5 minutes or so).
I've tried all of my games so far and it happens on every one of them at various intervals.

I suspect the problem could lie in faulty Page File or VRAM, which would fill up faster when using 3D applications.
Though i have no idea what could be causing said problem.

This is a fairly serious problem, as I can hardly get anything done that has a 3D interface, including games, modelling etc.

Basic system information:
Nvidia Geforce 8200
896Mb RAM
AMD Athlon dual core proccessor 4450e
DirectX 9.0c

Here's my full DxDiag file:
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  1. I am thinking it is your video card. To make sure, try with latest driver. What is your amount of memory?

    I experienced the same problem like you when gaming. It was my faulty card.
  2. it has 512Mb VRAM, I just updated the drivers, will let you know in a sec if it solves the problem (cannot pass a track on Nitronic-Rush without the problem occuring).
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