Quality Build around 1.5-1.7k

I am planning on building a 1.5-1.7k build. Two essentials are the Intel Core i5-3570K, and a gtx 680. Aside from that I want a high quality motherboard, decent ram, and a quality case with plenty of fans. I already have the powersupply I want so don't include that in the price. So far my thinking has come up with this:

Case- Antec Twelve Hundred
CPU- i5-3570k
Graphics- Nvidia GTX 680
Ram- G. Skill Ripjaws X 1885Mhz DDR3
CD Drive- Asus 24x DVD-RW
OP- Windows 7
Storage- WD Caviar Black 1TB
Motherboard- ASUS Sabertooth Z77 1155
@ $1,675

What can I cut out and replace and what should I keep? I want this to be a qulity build so 50$ cases and the like isn't what I want. I am solid on the CPU and Graphics but I feel that I could weed out other parts for slightly cheeper but quality parts. This would be my second build so I'm fairly new to this, so help me out.
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  1. you are forgetting the aftermarket cpu cooler. An unlocked cpu without it is kind of pointless. Hyper 212 EVO will hold up fine for decent overclocking with IB
    I would drop the MOBO to an Asus p8z77-v pro
    100 Mhz aren't worth $100 so i would drop the 680 to a 670 and upgrade with the 140 bucks wether the cpu if you'd benefit from hyperthreading (heavy video editing and such) OR on an SSD OR adding moar RAM (unsure how many GB you went for) OR getting a blu-ray drive. That's really up to you. Asside from lacking the cooler i'd say it's a preety solid build

    Oh and please don't forget to get low profile RAM since it can interfere with the aftermarket cooler and be a pain in the *ss

    Good luck!
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