Need some help

So i got two old pc's:


and this

Can't decide which one to do a little bit of upgrading with

which cpu is better? celeron is newer, but p4 has a higher clock speed

the sony has 4 dim slots, and the emachine has only 2 dim slots

help me decide please
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  1. Why not install win XP, and run a benchmark.
  2. aaab said:
    Why not install win XP, and run a benchmark.

    i think i will eventually do this, but i was just wondering if one was obviously better
  3. The Celron is more upgradeable. DDR2 memory which you can still buy. The integrated video will be better.
  4. so you think i should stick with upgrading the computer with the celeron processor a bit? even though the sony computer has 4 dim slots, and it just looks like a more of a sturdy computer
  5. The Sony only supports DDR1 which is very old. I would be surprised if you can find any decent amount of DDR1 for sale.

    I also suspect that the celron CPU is better than the P4.
  6. thanks aaab, do you know if i could use 2gb x 2 ddr2 sdram?
  7. Doesn't look like it.
    They both say: Maximum Memory Supported: 2GB
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