I Need a new GPU

Hello, i'm wanting to buy a radeon 6870 but worried that my cpu will bottleneck it. I'm running a pentium dual core e5700 @3.0ghz , i also have 8gb of RAM. the thing i think it'll come down to is my mobo, i'm not sure which one i have, i need to know if i would have to change my mobo to host a new cpu ?
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  1. Short answer: I would.

    Longer answer: The e5700 uses the LGA 775 socketing and Intel does not manufacture processors using that socket anymore. The most common Intel socket right now is LGA 1155, but there are 4-5 diferent ones with modern chips available. Almost any GPU upgrade should see some improvement, but it seems you may be reaching the point where almost everything could benefit from an upgrade.
  2. hey just go forward wth a hd 7770 with that cpu and it wont bottleneck (i think)
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