Will an i3 2120 bottleneck my gpu

Hello,i have an i3 2120 and i was wondering if that it will bottleneck my gpu .i am going to get another 1 in a few weeks to run sli
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  1. Not enough information? which specific gpu?
  2. gtx 550ti
  3. Yea your fine. what psu you got?
  4. i dont know i think its a 750watt is it enough?
  5. Which brand? a psu can say its 750w but might only deliver 500w.
  6. Your fine there should be no issues.
    the CPU is plenty powerful enough for that GPU and power wise, well even if its got mice running on wheels inside it a 750w PSU would need to be broken not to run that set up.

    Mactronix :)
  7. stanistheman said:
    Which brand? a psu can say its 750w but might only deliver 500w.

    that i dono can u just tell me then requirements and i check later
  8. A minimum of 650w i would do. so yes 750w is more than enough. and your core i3 2120 is a good cpu so no bottlenecks hope this helps! ask if you have anymore questions
  9. The i3-2120 won't bottle neck many graphics cards in gaming today.

    If you look at the Tom's Hardware $500 build for June, you'll see they paired a G630 with a 560ti.
    Of course that did seem to bottleneck in a few games and is an incredibly unbalanced build,
    it gives you an idea how far a low end Sandy Bridge CPU can go even while paired with a much more expensive GPU (6850/560ti)
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