Do Z68 Chipset Support HD4000?

Hello all.. sorry if this question submitted in the wrong subforum...

So it's like this, Right now i've Asrock Z68 Pro 3 and I'm planning to buy (upgrade) my processor from 2600 Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge Intel i7 3770 processor. I've checked that my motherboard (Asrock) will support the processor after i update the bios. But the problem is i'm planning to use the onboard GPU, it's the HD4000.

Do my Z68 Asrock motherboard will support it?

Thank you guys... :)
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  3. Pinhedd said:

    Thank you sir! :D
  4. I'd also like to point out that going from a 2600 to 3770 will not be a big upgrade. The performance difference per clock is only about 5%
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