Sudden Artifacting, Images, Video and Games!

Hello, new user here, so I'm sorry in advance if I step out of bounds in any way.

I built my computer in February and everything has been running great until today.

I boot up and get to the Windows log-on screen and notice some artifacting on the background. I knew something was up, but hoped that it might've just been some little hiccup while booting. Unfortunately, I get on my browser and most images were showing some specks, as well as youtube videos.

I started up a game and same thing.

All I've ever known about artifacting is that it's generally caused by the graphics card.

I had the card overclocked for about a month when I built the computer, but decided stock speeds were good enough and no reason to put the extra strain on the card.

There's hasn't been any overheating as far as I know. Idle it runs about 36 degrees C and the highest I've seen it is 55 and that was overclocked, but generally it barely touches 50 otherwise.

That's about all I can really say.


OS: Windows 7 Professional
GPU: MSI N560GTX-Ti 448 Twin Frozr III GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 448 Cores
CPU: AMD FX-6100
RAM: 8GB GSkill Ripjaw X DDR3 1600

Let me know if there's anything else I need to post!
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  1. You are right about it probably being the card. Try it in another system, if the issue happens there, card is bad.
    I have seen some posts where people said updating or changing the drivers fixed this, but don't think that will help.
    If the card does the same thing in another PC, you can try to remove the heatsink, clean off the old grease, put on new one, re-install the heatsink. That may not do anything though if the chips are damaged.
  2. check that there no dust and that the gpu fan is moving...sometime it the fan that fails on a gpu and the goofy video is a side affect of the heat. I would also see if the card and power plugs are seated. i would not take the card apart and void your warranty. your better off using the rma of the vendor.
  3. Hey, sorry, life got in the way of replying, but anyway...problem is gone. Just as sudden as it arrived. :\

    Not sure what to think about it, but I've checked everything I could about it. I guess I'll return if it happens again.
  4. Video cables? Could just be a loose connection.
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